Have you ever wondered why people treat you so poorly, don’t appreciate you, take advantage of you and seem to think everyone and everything is so much more important than you are?  

Here’s the scoop….YOU have trained others to treat you that way!  It’s true!  We train others how to treat us!

Why on earth, you may be asking would I EVER teach someone to treat me badly?!  I don’t know…why would you ever do such a silly thing?  Because you are a good person,  you care about others, you want to make others happy and to watch them succeed….YOU put the needs of others above those of your own!  NOT A GOOD IDEA!

Women, in particular, have been taught to “make nice”; put others first; to be nurturing…well, how’s that working for you?  Not so well, huh?  Have you ever been on an airplane?  One of THE FIRST things they tell you is that in case of an emergency, you need to put the air mask on yourself FIRST!  Hmmmm…..well, perhaps Flight Attendants are just a little selfish, who knows! 

The thing is when you consistently put the needs, desires and dreams of others above those of your own…you are basically telling others that your needs, desires and dreams don’t matter, nor are they as important as the needs, desires and dreams of others.  Whether it be your parents, your spouse or your children, you are imparting the message that YOUR needs, beliefs, values, that YOU simply don’t matter. 

You are training others to expect that you will always be there for them because…well, you always have been.  They now think that it’s your job…after all, that’s what parents, wives/husbands, grandparents do….YOU HAVE TO DO THIS OR YOU ARE A SELFISH PERSON!!!!

Sooner or later, you get sick, your boss gets tired of you taking personal leave to care for everyone else in your family, your friends, etc., you’re depressed or some major catastrophe has just occurred in your life and you cannot, no matter how much you try…you just can’t be there for your family, your friends or your colleagues…YOU SELFISH BITCH!

Instead of rallying around to help you out in your moment of despair—you are resented…how dare you forsake your family, your very best friends or your colleagues…they are depending on you; they have no one else to count on and where are you when they need you the most?!  Well, not to pour salt on an open wound…but YOU BROUGHT IT ON YOURSELF!    Seriously, you thought you were helping the ones you loved the most but instead, you were enabling them.  Yup, you taught them to rely on you for EVERYTHING and then some horrible circumstance or…the fact that you just decided you deserved to LIVE YOUR OWN LIFE FOR YOU prevented you from being here to wipe everyone’s nose and they did not like it at all!  

You were never really a human being…you were just a service, provided on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis and while you never received compensation for your time, your efforts, or your good works…services provided consistently are EXPECTED and greatly resented when withdrawn!

Your life is a gift from God/Goddess, Spirit, The Divine, whoever you believe in;  what you make of your life is your gift back to that wonderful source who created you.  You deserve to live your life…JUST FOR YOU, every moment, every day…You are no less valuable than anyone else, you deserve to breathe the same air everyone breathes….YOU ARE A MIRACLE!!!!   LIVE YOUR LIFE FOR YOU!




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