(Excerpt from “Choices”)


We are social animals, we want acceptance, and we want to fit in with the tribe.  We want so badly to be important to “someone”.  The problem is that we, ourselves, do not believe we are important; we don’t feel accepted.  In reality, we feel isolated and alone.  In order to fill this need, we often seek comfort from others, but the cold, hard, fact is that no one else can make you happy.  Only YOU can make yourself happy.  You have to go within – – YES, within. You will never find fulfillment by looking for it externally.  No!  No guru, no therapist, no spiritual practitioner can ever give you peace or fulfillment.  Only YOU have all the information about yourself, therefore, only YOU have the answers and the ability to change your own life.  This last part is vital so I’m going to repeat it:  ONLY YOU HAVE THE ABILITY TO CHANGE YOUR OWN LIFE!

Yes, others can offer suggestions and guidance, they may genuinely want to help but no one else can do it for you.  Advice is cheap (counseling is not!)  If I tell you what to do and I’m wrong, and, if you follow my advice, who suffers the consequences?  Certainly not me.  You and you alone suffer the consequences of your own actions.  Conversely, you and you alone reap the benefits of your own actions –unless, of course, you wanted to offer me a huge tip!

What I’m trying to say is that it is so much better for you to take responsibility for your life rather than putting your faith, your health, your future, or your life into the hands of someone else who doesn’t even have all the information they would need about you to make an informed decision.


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