Most of us want to be loved, accepted and respected for who we truly are!  The problem is …most of us don’t know who the heck we really are!  I know I didn’t. 

I was too busy trying to fit in, to please everyone; to live up to societal expectations of who I should be and those of my church – I certainly didn’t want to perish in Hell!  I honestly had no idea who I was, what I liked, what my views or values were or even what I really enjoyed doing. I just listened to what everyone else told me I “should” be!

I was an Impostor who had no genuine feelings, thoughts, emotions or values.  How on earth or in the cosmos, can we ever expect anyone else to love us for who we truly are if no one knows who we truly are?  Heck, if we don’t even know, how can anyone else?   (FOR MORE ON THIS SUBJECT, PLEASE VIEW MY POST ON “SOMETHING’S MISSING AND I THINK IT’S ME!”)

I’d really appreciate your comments if you’ve experienced this yourself or know of anyone else who has gone through this unnerving experience.  Thanks for reading!

Nancy Byrne                                                                                                                                                                                 BooksigningAuthor of “Choices”


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