Nancy Byrne

Have you ever wondered why people treat you so poorly, don’t appreciate you, take advantage of you and seem to think everyone and everything is so much more important than you are?  

Here’s the scoop….YOU have trained others to treat you that way!  It’s true!  We train others how to treat us!

Why on earth, you may be asking would I EVER teach someone to treat me badly?!  I don’t know…why would you ever do such a silly thing?  Because you are a good person,  you care about others, you want to make others happy and to watch them succeed….YOU put the needs of others above those of your own!  NOT A GOOD IDEA!

Women, in particular, have been taught to “make nice”; put others first; to be nurturing…well, how’s that working for you?  Not so well, huh?  Have you ever been on…

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